OERizona Network

Cultivating Open Education in Arizona

The OERizona Network is a professional learning community committed to providing learners across Arizona (and beyond) unimpeded and equitable access to high-quality learning materials through the promotion of open educational practices.  

The network seeks to cultivate a vibrant community of practitioners and advocates in open education by supporting coordination and collaboration on open educational resource projects and applications of open pedagogies. 

What We Do

Facilitate Networking, Communicating, and Collaborating

The network provides a means of inter-institutional communication about open educational practices and initiatives across the region for both members and non-members.

The network facilitates discussions about opportunities for coordination and collaboration among members, and supports these efforts as possible and necessary. “Coordination” here refers to efforts to avoid the duplication of work, while “Collaboration” refers to parties from different institutions actively working together.

Support Professional Development 

The network identifies and shares professional development opportunities in the discipline of open education and plans, coordinates, and facilitates the annual Arizona Regional OER Conference. 

Build Partnerships with External Organizations 

The network serves as intermediary to regional, national, and international organizations operating in the discipline of open education by organizing working groups and supporting initiatives.