Network Membership

The OERizona Network’s mission is to cultivate a rich open educational environment across Arizona, benefitting as many learners as possible, so becoming an institutional member is not a requirement to participate in things like the community email or professional development events. However, becoming an institutional member provides you with representation on the Board of Cultivators and access to OERizona working groups and special projects. Membership is recommended for institutions with existing open education initiatives (at any stage of development). 

Members of OERizona shall be accredited and established institutions of learning that are either based in the state of Arizona or have learners in Arizona as a core focus. This may include higher education or K-12 education.

Not-for-profit organizations may also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Members join at the institutional/organizational level, not as individuals. However, any member institution/organization must identify a point of contact / lead (“Cultivator”) to actively participate in the network by assuming a seat on the Board of Cultivators. Member institutions will be expected to document a commitment to supporting this individual’s work with OERizona as a representative of the institution’s open education initiative(s).

There is presently no fee or dues associated with OERizona Network membership.  However, member institutions are expected to contribute by regularly participating on the Board of Cultivators, in working groups, and on special projects. 

Network Map